Complimentary Ideas and Insights Session

This is a 30-minute consultation which will help you clarify exactly what is standing between you and the life and career you want.  You will leave the session with two to three recommendations about steps you can take immediately to improve your situation.  Email me at, and I will send you a short form to fill out.  Once I receive the form back from you, we can schedule our consultation.

Strategy Session

This is a highly-focused, 2 hour session that will help you get clear on what you have going for you, where you want to go from here, and which directions and tools will best support you as you move forward.   You will gain insights into which specific assumptions, beliefs and habits have been getting in your way thus far, and how to lay the groundwork for starting to put those limiting thoughts and behaviors behind you.  This session can be done via phone, or in-person here in my beautiful home office in the foothills of Santa Fe, NM.

Individual Coaching Packages

These are individually designed packages, determined by the goals defined in the initial Ideas and Insights Session or Strategy Session.  They typically consist of between 15 and 20 telephonic sessions, but can be tailored depending on your schedule and goals.