Through coaching with Elizabeth, I’ve learned to have more empathy for myself as I tackle difficult problems; as an attorney, I find that this allows me to have more openness and empathy for clients.  I’ve learned practices like mindfulness which are contributing to my overall sense of well-being.  I’ve gained a greater understanding of my own sense of purpose, and my own particular calling, both of which are proving very important as I explore which areas of the law I want to focus on, and as I seek to serve clients.  Finally, I’m happy to say that I have made shifts in my life in areas which I’d assumed would never change – these shifts are positively impacting both my personal and professional lives.

- Karen W., Albuquerque, NM

As an attorney and an author, I have always sought balance in my career. Elizabeth helped me find it. Her patience, candor, and enthusiasm is precisely what I needed from a coach. The tools she shared with me regularly inform and empower my decision-making, and my personal and professional growth continues long after our sessions ended. It was a pleasure working with her, and I look forward to working together again.

- Paul C., Los Angeles, CA

When I started this journey with Elizabeth I was miserable, stuck and hated my job. I wanted nothing more than to get plucked out of an unbearable situation as quickly as possible. Since working with Elizabeth, my whole world has changed. She has guided me with her insight, tool bag of thoughtful focused resources, and sometimes tough love.  What emerged was my deepest longing, courage, connection, joy, creativity and my voice. As the qualities within me started to organically and easily emerge, I brought these to my life and workplace.  Then an interesting thing happened.... with a little bit of shock and laughter I can now say " I fell in love with my job and the people I work with".  Now I cannot see myself leaving it. I am extremely grateful for Elizabeth's guidance, kindness and firm commitment to me and my life.

- Susan W., Fairfax, VA

One of the things I love about coaching with Elizabeth is being heard, and feeling validated and not judged. You can confide in your friends, you can gripe to your husband, you can get solace from your mom, but you rarely get to think a thought all the way through to a productive conclusion. I love that coaching isn't a backward look at what went wrong and why; it's a forward-facing, plan-making, barrier-crushing, self-powered forward march toward achieving your next goal--a goal you may never even have recognized or articulated before.
Coaching has taught me to question my assumptions that I can't pursue certain changes…It's very freeing to realize I can question that voice, challenge it, or tell it to just shut the hell up.

-Angela B, Bethesda, MD

"Initially, I contacted Elizabeth because I was deeply aware that I wanted to realign my personal priorities. I sought to transition from focusing time and effort on work- and family-related to-do lists, to deepening relationships with those I love while also committing to taking better care of myself both spiritually and physically. I no longer wanted to be defined as a workaholic with only a long list of accomplishments to keep me company at the end of the day.


Through her astute coaching skills and ongoing encouragement, I have been able to make tangible changes that have helped me engage in deeper and more meaningful relationships with family and friends, while realigning my personal and career priorities. Through the coaching process, I have discovered that I am more courageous than I thought I ever could be."

- Ann H., Indianapolis, IN